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Guangzhou Yuxiang Electronics Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese joint venture integrating R&D, production and sales. It is engaged in the production and manufacture of cold-pressed terminals and electronic connectors. The products refer to the technical standards and quality requirements of advanced industrial countries such as the United States, Japan, and Germany. The company's products are widely used in various types of control, electrical appliances, wire harness manufacturing, railway communications, marine laptop batteries, touch screens and other aspects of various industries. The terminal has a series of safety certifications such as UL CSA and SGS environmental certification.


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Constantly innovating quality products that meet national standards


Strong company strength

Founded in 2000, Haoxiang Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that designs, develops and manufactures cold-pressed terminals (also known as end or wire ears). Can be designed and produced according to customer requirements. The annual output of the product is 1 billion and the weight exceeds 3,000 tons.


Strict quality requirements

The cold-pressed terminal products produced by Haoxiang Company refer to the technical standards and quality requirements of the industrial countries such as the United States, Japan, Germany, etc. Each process is kept improving, and the unqualified rate of finished products is not more than two-thousandths. All terminal products of Haoxiang Company meet the EU ROHS environmental protection requirements and have passed the UL safety certification of the United States.


Quality service system

Haoxiang company not only needs to serve the needs of domestic manufacturers, but also vigorously expands overseas markets. We will continue to serve you with high quality products and reasonable prices. The company's series of cold-pressed terminal blocks are widely used in various markets such as electronics, communication, automobiles, electric power, home appliances, power cabinets, elevators, charging piles, ships, etc., providing various types of series, sizes and specifications. There are more than 20,000 kinds to meet customer needs at reasonable cost.


Firm company philosophy

After years of continuous efforts, the company expects the company to take it to the next level. Adhering to the five business concepts of integrity, unity, quality, research and development, and hard work, we are committed to rationalization, standardization and automation, and comprehensively improve quality; continuously improve the company's physique, enable rapid and effective improvement of management efficiency, and continuously strengthen research and development capabilities, In line with the needs of customers, we provide customer service fully, quickly and quickly, so that Haoxiang Electronics can gradually realize the grand vision of "Hengxiang terminal, link the world".

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